7-5-18 Why the Pirates are not more successful

As expected, the Los Angeles Dodgers are contenders. And you might automatically say, "Well, of course. Look at their payroll." But that's only partially correct. Their success is more do to astute baseball operations, and illustrates the differences between them and the Pirates. It's more than just the money. I'll lay out that case at the top of the show.

You can never have too much of a good thing. But maybe the Penguins do with 5 quality centers. If the roster remains the same, which of them should/will switch to wing? Mark Madden offers his thoughts on the matter at 12:20, followed by Guy Junker 1-2. #StanandGuy#LovetheShow.

World Cup soccer ratings are way down in the U.S. Part of it is no USA team, but is there more?

Can one player turn an also ran into the favorite to win the Stanley Cup? Odds makers in Vegas think so. 

The NBA is now worried about competitive balance. Start by worrying about changing some rules that make it a problem.

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