6-22-18 How have Pirates draft picks fared?

Like Wednesday night's game, last night's game was a washout. 

Moving on. General Managers are mostly judged by their trades. But if a small market team has to build through the draft, shouldn't the GM be judged by that measure? We'll examine the record of Neal Huntington.

Speaking of general managers, Jim Rutherford is in the spotlight this weekend. Every team wants to improve itself, but when you look at this Penguins team, would you consider them a top 5 Cup contender as the roster sits today?

The Steelers are a month from camp, but they may be about to get a big break. Matt Williamson talks Steelers/NFL at 1:20.

And in about 6 weeks, college football teams will begin fall practice. So to get ready for the season, college football writer Mitch Light of Athlon Sports will be my guest at 12:20.

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