6-20-18 Are analytics ruining baseball?

It's a new era in baseball. Analytics are in; knowledge and experience are out, I suppose. I think advanced metrics have a place in the game, I just don't think they should replace vision and common sense. And while younger fans tend to be more in tune such things, I think it's turning them off to the game. 

The Pirates issues aside, have these analytics enhanced or detracted from your interest in the sport?Last night was Exhibit A as to why the Pirates haven't earned credibility as to their ability to contend. A game they could/should have won. Games like that make the difference in a season. 

Maybe the best thing about the night was Steven Brault's amazing rendition of the National Anthem (we'll play a bit for you). Pirates icon Steve Blass will be my guest at 12:20.

While we think about possible trades GMJR might make this week, there are also some intriguing free agents out there as well. Josh Yohe, who covers the Penguins for The Athletic, joins me at 1 pm.

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