11-15-17 Did a bad Sid play lead to the Pens' win?

It's always darkest before the dawn! A very bad play by Sid may have been the catalyst for his drought ending goal, and the play that led to the Penguins win. It's 2 points, but they still are a bit erratic, right?

There seem to be two reasons why the Steelers aren't using the no huddle more. One I get, the other I don't buy into at all.

And Todd Haley wasn't yelling at Ben, he was yelling at special teams coach Danny Smith. Why? I'll give you the reason, but you'll only understand if you don't have an agenda, and aren't allergic to logic. The Post-Gazette's Gerry Dulac will be my guest at 1:30.

That pizza guy makes a totally insincere and disingenuous apology for his statements about the NFL. 

Another former Pitt QB will be starting Sunday. And speaking of Pitt, have their football and basketball programs both been this bad at the same time?

Today is #StanandGuy day, 12-1 #LovetheShow. And Rob King joins us both at 12:30.

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