9-27-17 Moving on from the weekend NFL chaos

Today, we are going to move on from our discussion of the past few days. That discussion will--and should--continue in our country. But this may not be the proper forum for it. 

I felt it was an absolute necessity to talk about the anthem issue, especially as it pertains to the Steelers. But just for the purposes of this show, we'll move on. Hopefully all of us have come to realize that "the other side" feels very passionately about these issues. Even if we don't agree, we MUST consider WHY they feel the way they do. Just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't automatically make them wrong. Stay strong in your beliefs, but try and understand that others are just as strong in theirs. 

Just for the record,in case you missed it or weren't clear, I fully support the players right to protest. But I don't think kneeling is the proper, or best way, to get their point across.a Then again, I'm not an aggrieved party. 

Moving on, there IS something I feel the need to address today. Overshadowed by the SOB comment was the statement that somehow, 

NFL football wasn't good anymore because it wasn't violent enough. I found that very disturbing. Do you feel that way? Now, you may not agree with every penalty that's called, but isn't attempting to improve player safety a worthwhile endeavor? And overall, if you ARE down on NFL football, what are your reasons?

Andrew McCutchen had 2 weeks worth of production last night. Soon the Pirates will have to make up their mind about him for next year. What should they do with Cutch? 

Today is #StanandGuy day, 12-1. #LovetheShow.

Rob King will join us at 12:30, and Gerry Dulac on the Steelers today at 1:30.

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