Jon Moritz, CEO, Eddy Homes

Jon Moritz remembers being a young boy and driving with his father through historic Pittsburgh neighborhoods. “Sometimes my dad would point at a beautiful old stone house and say, ‘Your great-grandfather built that one.’ Moritz recalls. Though he died you, that great-grandfather, an Irish immigrant names Ed Ryan, left a powerful legacy” an extraordinary skill for high quality home building that has flourished through four generations.

Today, Moritz is the co-president of Eddy Homes, one of the Pittsburgh-area’s leading builders of luxury estate, single-family and patio homes located in distinctive neighborhoods. The company, founded in 1971, is renowned for its creative and masterful homes- that effortlessly balance elegance with warmth and comfort, that are meant to be lived in for many years.

While Moritz and his team, including his father, Dave, and brother, Matt continue to complete a wide variety of luxury estate homes with exquisite, spacious backyards, they are committed above all to meeting client’s needs.