Manny Ramirez Is (almost) BACK!

Major MAJOR breaking news coming out today. Hand up....I had no idea Manny Ramirez was even still alive let alone trying to mount yet another comeback to professional baseball. This excites me greatly though and I'm of course glad to hear Manny is still alive and well. Now this isn't going to be Manny's first stint with the Chinese Professional Baseball League in Taiwan. Who amongst us could forget the incredible 2013 season Manny put up for the EDA Rhinos. .352 average, 8 dingers, and 43 ribeyes. Top three in all three categories in the league. Outstanding. So why did his career in the CPBLIT come to an end after one of the historically great seasons in league history? The answer is simple. Manny was homesick. The guy just wanted to be with his family more and you have to respect that even though it's about as soft as baby shit. But again you have to respect it. Looks like Manny has gotten all the quality time with his family he can take though as the comeback is officially on. Now we just need a team to take a chance on him, and why wouldn't they want too? He's 47 years old, the age that many consider to be the prime of one's life, so naturally that must translate to the prime of ones baseball career. Manny is BACK....almost.

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