RIP Big Ben's Beard

This is a very very sad day. That beard looked so GOD DAMN good, and just like that, it's out of our lives possibly forever. It does say that it was "trimmed" and not full on shaved, but I am not optimistic. Hopefully it's still somewhat there and the clip at the very end of the video is what he will look like all season. It's a much more sophisticated and sexy look as opposed to the rugged Grizzly Adams beard that I was much more fond of. I'll take what I get though, but this is the first time since his rehab process that I've been legit worried about Ben's conditioning and facial shape. There's just no way around the fact that he had a Super Bowl quality beard, and now he's gone hollywood, cleaned it up and went with the high society look instead of the rugged outlaw cowboy, and I am officially worried. I just hope we don't have some sort of Sampson situation on our hands here.

Photo Courtesy of Getty