There's Some Serious Beef Going On Around Here

Yesterday was crazy. There was mad beef all around town. You couldn't take two steps without stepping into some fresh beef, that's how crazy it was. All different kinds of beef too. The most popular beef is the beef Pitt and Penn State have, but that's not the beef I'm talking about. That's more of a state beef thing, the beef I'm referring too is all local Pittsburgh sourced beef, like the beef between Duquesne and Pitt. Pitt is beefing HARD with little brother on Forbes avenue and I have no idea why. But the beef doesn't just stop there, no no no, the beef goes on. Duquesne is in some serious beef of their own with Robert Morris. The beef just doesn't seem to stop around here. Hopefully one day the city will stop beefing with each other, but I don't see a beef-less future.

(Photo Courtesy of Getty)

*EDITORS NOTE* - This is the worst blog I think I've ever seen and the intern that was hired to write for me has been fired. I will be taking applications for a new intern on Monday. Thank you.