Steroids Are Good

Look at these home runs. LOOK AT THEM! My goodness do I want bombs like this coming back into our lives. Why does baseball have such a stick up their ass? Who decided it was a good idea to start testing and suspending players for using roids?? Whoever it was is a colossal idiot and ruined the best thing going during it's time. Baseball is dying again, trying to find younger fans, trying to keep the game exciting, and trying to quicken the games funeral like pace. Hmmm didn't baseball need saved once before after a labor strike? What happened then, who saved the sport again? Oh ya. It was the "roid freaks" as all you purist have labeled them. And really, why is this even considered cheating? Just because your stronger? Look steroids don't help with hand eye coordination. You could be Arnold freaking Schwarzenegger at the plate and if you don't have the hand eye of a greek god, your ass is striking out every. single. time. Baseball is supposed to come back before any other sport from what I can gather. They will be in the spotlight like they haven't been in years, I mean shoot even when the World Series is happening people care more about week 7 of the NFL season. One thing they absolutely can't do is be in the spotlight and be as boring as watching paint dry again. Juice the boys up. Let's get moon balls flying out of the park left and right. Let's have games end in a score of 6-5 rather then 3-1. When baseball returns, they will need to test the temperature of their players anally in order to get the most accurate reading and clear them to play. Why not just stick a needle in their ass while their down there for the greater good of the sport?

Thanks for the photo Getty