We Could Learn A Lot About Sports From These Bees

Unbelievable. When I look at these honey bees absolutely wreck the shit out of that Murder Hornet, my mind immediately goes to one place: That's how you win championships. Any athlete striving to be great can learn a thing or two from our black and yellow friends. As the bees illustrate, it doesn't matter if your opponent is bigger, stronger, or faster, you can defeat any opponent no matter how much you're outmatched. All it takes is a little sacrifice and teamwork and you can overcome any odds.

Now of course when an athlete sacrifices, it comes in the form of maybe not drinking or smoking anymore, and with the bees, their sacrifice comes more in the form of getting their head bit off by a giant hornet and dying so your teammates can roast him alive. So there is some subtle differences, but not many. These bees are model athletes and I know a certain black and yellow football team that could take some notes on what it takes to become a champion.

(Photo Courtesy of Getty)

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