Tommy Boy

Oh how sweet it is. Did the Patriots run up the score on the rest of the league for the past 20 years with Brady at the helm? Of course. Did New England fans experience something no other fans have in the history of the sport of football with Tom? No doubt. They've been laughing at the rest of us on their way to six Lombardis ever since number 12 stepped in under center. But now, we get to have a little laugh back at them, because Brady ain't gonna retire a Patriot. Who's to blame for this somewhat shocking development? I think it's obviously the fans. Clearly Tommy Terrific wasn't feeling the love like he thought he should have been lately and the blame for that can't be put on anybody but the fans. Look in the mirror Patriots fans, you just chased the greatest quarterback of all time right into the arms of somewhere like Tampa Bay. Pathetic. You should all be ashamed of yourself!! Have fun sucking for the next 20 years and good luck with Andy Dalton next year.

-signed every fan of every other team in the NFL who Brady and the Patriots have tortured for two decades.

(Photo Courtesy of Getty)

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