James Conner shouldn't have played on Thursday

The Steelers need to develop a running game down the stretch. The best way for them to do that is with a healthy James Conner.

That's exactly why he shouldn't have played Thursday against the Browns.

All it took was one carry to see that Conner wasn't 100 percent. On his first tote of the game, he bounced to the outside, saw green grass, accelerated, and was promptly tackled by Greedy Williams. That shouldn't happen.

Conner finished with 10 yards on five carries before he was yanked from the game to to re-injuring his shoulder.

The Steelers don't have an offensive identity. Their best chance of getting one is if they can run the ball with a healthy James Conner. Rushing him back for that game against the Browns was shortsighted.

He could have sat on the 14th, and been healthy on the 24th. Nope. Now we sit and wait.

James Conner shouldn't have played on Thursday. Now the Steelers already feeble run game is an even bigger question mark.

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