I'm ready for a new baseball generation of broadcasters

Steve Blass isn't a racist. If you need some help figuring that out, our friend Tim Benz addressed it today in Breakfast with Benz.

Let's forget about that ugly side of things for a minute. Instead, let's focus on something that baseball can do to help young people relate to the game.

I grew up listening to Steve Blass on the radio. When I listen to a Pirates game and he's on the call, there's a level of comfort. I feel like I've grown up with him as part of my sports family. Same is true with Mike Lange, Phil Bourque and Bill Hillgrove.

But, there comes a time for every broadcaster to ride into the sunset. This is Blass' last year. I'll miss him, but it's time.

Not just with the Pirates, but all around baseball, the color analysts and play-by-play men are from a different time. They speak to an older demographic.

It's time for that to change. "Flash" should be okay in baseball. Celebrations should be allowed after something is done to earn that celebration.

Old men who love the game will still love it if there are young people on the call. Maybe young people will watch baseball if there's someone orating that is relatable.

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