This Is The Tastiest Cookie In Pennsylvania

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A West Homestead bakery is being credited for having the tastiest cookie in Pennsylvania.

Love Food compiled a list of the tastiest cookies in every U.S. state, which included the Chocolate Chip at Nancy B's Bakery as the top choice for Pennsylvania.

"Nancy B's Bakery are the self-proclaimed bakers of the 'best chocolate chip cookie' in the world, and it's hard to argue with them," Love Food wrote. "Customers all agree that these chocolate chip cookies are something special. Incredibly large, thick and delicious, the cookies have a heavenly texture and just the right amount of chocolate chips. Come early in the morning and you might catch a batch straight from the oven."

Love Food's full list of the best dish in every state is listed below:

  1. Alabama- Chocolate Chip at Cookie Fix
  2. Alaska- Peanut Butter Cookie at Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop
  3. Arizona- Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich at Churn
  4. Arkansas- Chocolate Chip at The Root Cafe
  5. California- White Chocolate Raspberry at Milk Jar Cookies
  6. Colorado- Chocolate Chip at Paradise Bakery
  7. Connecticut- Peanut Butter Sandwich at Sift Bake Shop
  8. Delaware- Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies at Frank & Louie's Italian Specialties
  9. Florida- Pistachio Toffee Chocolate at Gideon's Bakehouse
  10. Georgia- Lavender Shortbread at Back in the Day Bakery
  11. Hawaii- Matcha Oreo at Edible
  12. Idaho- OG at Chip
  13. Illinois- Iced Sugar Cookie at Sweet Mandy B's
  14. Indiana- Chocolate Chip at Amelia's
  15. Iowa- Chocolate Chip at Scenic Route Bakery
  16. Kansas- Vegan Chocolate Chip at Mud Pie Vegan Bakery & Coffee
  17. Kentucky- Chocolate Chip at Please & Thank You
  18. Louisiana- Cookies + Milk at Willa Jean
  19. Maine- Chocolate Chip at Standard Baking Co.
  20. Maryland- Red Velvet at The Baked Bear
  21. Massachusetts- Triple Chocolate Chip at Blunch
  22. Michigan- Sea Salt Chocolate Chip at Avalon International Breads
  23. Minnesota- Chocolate Chip at Pizzeria Lola
  24. Mississippi- Chocolate Chip at Abe's Grill
  25. Missouri- Chocolate Chip at The Russell
  26. Montana- Chocolate Chip at MineShaft Pasty
  27. Nebraska- Malted Milk Chocolate Oreo at Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop
  28. Nevada- Chocolate Chip at Zenaida's Cafe
  29. New Hampshire- Chocolate Chip at Elephantine Bakery
  30. New Jersey- Chocolate Chip at The Corner
  31. New Mexico- Peanut Butter Cookie at Rude Boy Cookies
  32. New York- Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie at Levain Bakery
  33. North Carolina- Salty Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwich
  34. North Dakota- Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookie at Nichole's Fine Pastry & Café
  35. Ohio- Tollhouse Cookie at Pattycake Bakery
  36. Oklahoma- Cinnamon Roll Cookies at Barbee Cookies
  37. Oregon- Chocolate Chip at Courier Coffee
  38. Pennsylvania- Chocolate Chip at Nancy B's Bakery
  39. Rhode Island- Chocolate Chip at Wildflour Vegan Bakery
  40. South Carolina- Ginger Molasses Cookie at Sugar Bakeshop
  41. South Dakota- S'mores Cookie at Mary's Mountain Cookies
  42. Tennessee- Cookie Skillet at Kooky Canuck
  43. Texas- Chocolate Chip at Tiny's Milk & Cookies
  44. Utah- Chocolate Chip at Buds
  45. Vermont- Chocolate Chip at Vermont Cookie Love
  46. Virginia- Chocolate Chip at Bakeshop
  47. Washington- Chocolate Chip at Hello Robin
  48. West Virginia- Chocolate Chip at Apple Annie's
  49. Wisconsin- Cookies and Milk at Graze
  50. Wyoming- Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie at Persephone Bakery

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