This Is The Most Historic Fast Food Joint In Pennsylvania

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A Philadelphia restaurant is being credited as the most historic fast food joint in Pennsylvania.

Love Food compiled a list of the most historic fast food joints in every U.S. state, which included Ricci's Hoagies as the top choice for Pennsylvania.

"Philadelphia is best known for its cheesesteak sandwiches, but those weren’t invented at Pat’s King of Steaks until 1930, whereas this Italian sandwich spot has been going strong since 1920," Love Food wrote. "Family owned and operated, Ricci’s specializes in hoagies: cold sandwiches that are like a sub, but usually on a slightly harder roll. Ricci’s serves sandwiches stuffed with Italian cold cuts, tuna or seafood salad, chicken cutlets, or roasted peppers and eggplants."

Love Food's full list of the most historic fast food joints in every state is included below:

  1. Alabama- Chris' Famous Hotdogs
  2. Alaska- Lucky Wishbone
  3. Arizona- Lucky Wishbone
  4. Arkansas- Jones Bar-B-Que
  5. California- A&W
  6. Colorado- Cherry Cricket
  7. Connecticut- Louis' Lunch
  8. Delaware- Deerhead Hot Dogs
  9. Florida- Georgia Pig
  10. Georgia- Nu-Way Weiners
  11. Hawaii- Rainbow Drive-In
  12. Idaho- Hudson's Hamburgers
  13. Illinois- Cozy Dog Drive-In
  14. Indiana- Fort Wayne Famous Coney Island
  15. Iowa- Taylor's Maid-Rite
  16. Kansas- Bobo's Drive-In
  17. Kentucky- Mike Linnig's Restaurant
  18. Louisiana- Parkway Bakery and Tavern
  19. Maine- Red's Eats
  20. Maryland- Thrasher's French Fries
  21. Massachusetts- Casey's Diner
  22. Michigan- American Coney Island
  23. Minnesota- Lakeview Drive Inn
  24. Mississippi- Borroum's Drug Store and Soda Fountain
  25. Missouri- Ted Drewes Frozen Custard
  26. Montana- RB Drive-In
  27. Nebraska- Lee's Chicken
  28. Nevada- Gold 'n' Silver Inn
  29. New Hampshire- Moe's Italian Sandwiches
  30. New Jersey- White Manna Hamburgers
  31. New Mexico- Blake's Lotaburger
  32. New York- Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs
  33. North Carolina- Roast Grill Hot Wieners
  34. North Dakota- Sammy's Pizza
  35. Ohio- Kewpee Hamburgers
  36. Oklahoma- Hamburger King
  37. Oregon- Roake's
  38. Pennsylvania- Ricci's Hoagies
  39. Rhode Island- Olneyville New York System
  40. South Carolina- Groucho's Deli
  41. South Dakota- Zesto
  42. Tennessee- Dyer's Burgers
  43. Texas- Lankford Grocery
  44. Utah- Arctic Circle
  45. Vermont- Al's French Frys
  46. Virginia- Doumar's Cones and Barbecue
  47. Washington- Zip's by the Cable Bridge
  48. West Virginia- Coleman's Fish Market
  49. Wisconsin- Kopp's Frozen Custard
  50. Wyoming- Red Baron Drive-In

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