Phoenix Law Firm Pokes Fun At Milwaukee With 'Go Suns' Billboard

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A group of Phoenix-based lawyers got under the skin of Bucks fans with their "Go Suns" billboard in Milwaukee.

"Get out of here — Fear The Deer. Get out of here with that," Milwaukee resident Lee Palmer told WISN.

The firm Warner Angle Hallam Jackson & Formanek, PLC paid for the digital billboard off I-43 and a near the Bucks' Fiserv Forum stadium that appeared on Monday.

"We love the NBA, love the Suns and it was just a way to support the Suns, support the NBA," attorney Phillip Visnansky told the Arizona Republic. "There's so much good that happens, so many people get excited with the NBA Finals. It was just a way for us to kind of join some of that excitement. We don't have the ability to go watch the Suns play in Wisconsin."

While Bucks fans are irked to see a Suns sign on their turf, Visnansky insists it's all in good fun.

"It's all for fun, right? Nobody's trying to troll the Milwaukee Bucks. It's just supporting the Suns for what they've done. It's been a long time and great to see them back in the Finals. Hopefully they can pull through and make it to Game 7," he said.

The attorneys picked the location so both Bucks fans and, hopefully, Suns players see the sign.

"I hope the team bus goes right by it on the freeway on the way to the game and they know that we are there behind them," Dean Formanek told AZ Family.

Game 6 starts Tuesday at 7 p.m.

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