Every Major League Baseball Team Should Make the Playoffs

Stop being such a P-word Manfred. Quit dipping your toe in the water and cannonball your ass right in! I'm all for expanding the MLB playoffs, but only if that means letting ALL 30 teams into the field no matter what their record is. Wait are there 30 teams in the MLB? Hold on, let me google that real quick so I don't look like an idiot and get it wrong.......

Alright I'm back. Yup 30 teams, I nailed it. I'm so freaking smart. Anyway back to the point. You want to make baseball exciting again? You want the youngins and the whippersnappers to start tuning in? Give us the DRAMA Bobby (his friends call him Bobby). All 30 teams, in the field, playing single elimination games just like March Madness. Now that gets the blood flowing to my nether regions. Imagine the Astros win over 100 games during the regular season but lose in round one to the 50 win Orioles. Hello headlines! Once again baseball thinks they are being forward thinkers, but don't have the balls to go all the way in. That's why the sport is going to be dead sooner rather then later. No balls on the commissioner. So we'll just keep getting these half-baked schemes to drive interest towards a dying sport, when the real answer is right in their fat face and they are just too scared to take the leap. Cowards.

(Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)

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