5-30-17 The Pens play badly and still win Game 1

The Penguins should be happy about winning Game 1. They should be absolutely unhappy about everything else. You would think they'd get 1 shot on goal in 37 minutes by accident! Oh wait, they scored a goal that way! The good news?  They know they got away with one. And as odd a game as that was, they DID show resilience in coming back to win. And two of the young players who had been struggling played key roles. #MidasMike Sullivan strikes again. 

Today, we'll be discussing it with Kenny Albert, who called the game nationally on NHL Radio. Kenny joins me at 12:30.  And then the dean of hockey writers in Pittsburgh, Dave Molinari of the PG will be on at 1 pm.

Anytime the Pirates win it's good news. but adding to it is, not only did Andrew McCutchen hit the walk off homer, it's WHERE he hit it. And is it time to demote Tony Watson as closer in favor of Felipe Rivero? Kent Tekulve talks Bucs at 1:30.


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