5-26-17 It's on to the Finals for the Penguins!!

If you're a Pens fan, I know you're thrilled with the outcome. But can you honestly say you "enjoyed" watching that? #GutWrenching. Your thoughts on one of the most memorable games in the Penguins 50 year history. 

And why, in your opinion, was Ottawa such a difficult match up for them? Can they recover in time for Game 1 of the Finals? We'll talk about it with two members of the Pens Radio Network: Phil Bourque at 12:30, then Brian Metzer at 1 pm. 

The Steelers have a lot of talent, and it appears they are developing some quality depth as well. We'll discuss the first week of the Steelers OTA's with Matt Williamson today at 1:30.


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