5-25-17 It's Do or Die for the Penguins

"Hit 'em with your best shot" Nothing left to save in a Game 7. How confident are you for a Penguins victory? 

Did they seem too comfortable after the Game 6 loss? If they play the same exact game tonight, do they win? Obviously, a win would propel them into the Cup Finals. But would it also send a larger message that thuggery and goonery is NOT the way to go? It's #StanandGuy #LovetheShow from 12-1. Mark Madden joins the fray at 1:30 with his thoughts on Game 7.

Also today, ESPN MLB color analyst Aaron Boone will be on at 1pm to talk about the national telecast of the Pirates-Mets game from PNC on Sunday night. By the way, we'll be carrying that game on 970 ESPN as well. Tune in and get a national perspective on the Bucs.


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