5-22-17 Will the Pens close out the Sens?

A couple of days ago, after the Penguins were blown out in Game 3, I asked, "Anybody see that coming?" I'll ask that again today. 

Certainly there's still one more game to win, but I think the Penguins not only changed their lines and personnel, they also changed their strategy...and it's working, to say the least! And that's a credit to #MagicMike Sullivan. Everything he touches turns to gold. We'll discuss the Pens-Ottawa series today with Mike Lange at 1:00, and then Trib hockey writer Jonathan Bomboulie at 1:30.

Additionally, I'm OK with the shootout, but it should NEVER decide a championship.The Pirates have now taken the last 2 series, and have won 6 of their last 8. Are they beginning to show that they're better than what we saw in the first 5 weeks of the season? Kent Tekulve comments at 12:30.


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