5-18-17 Can the Pens play any worse than Game 3?

Anyone see THAT coming? I suppose the good news is they can't possibly play any worse than they did last night! Or can they? Some people want a change in goaltenders, but that isn't close to being their biggest problem. I'll tell you what/who is. And in your opinion, are they doomed in this series? I would say not yet, but they're getting perilously close to doomsday. Is this a result of having to go through Columbus and Washington? Guy Junker #StanGuyLovetheShow joins me from Ottawa at 12:30. Mark Madden will continue the Penguins talk at 1:30.

It looks like Jung Ho Kang will not be spending his summer in Pittsburgh this year. Maybe not ever. And, have the Pirates found a cleanup hitter?


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