5-17-17 - How important is Game 3 for the Pens?

When you can only afford to lose 3 games, every game in a series is critical. But when a series is even, Game 3 is not necessarily pivotal. But tonight's Game 3 most definitely is. I'll give you my opinion as to why. And can the Penguins continue to win with their #BandAidBrigade? Bob Grove joins me today at 1 pm.

He's certainly not the only problem, but Andrew McCutchen is down to .206. The team appears headed nowhere but down.  Is it time for the Pirates to actively pursue a trade? Although what they could get for him is questionable. Rob King at 12:30.

And our new afternoon host, Adam Crowley, who can now be heard from 4-7 p.m. on #970ESPN will join me at 1:30 to talk about his new show.


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