5-15-17 Is Game 2 a must-win for the Pens?

Sometimes you don't play well, but manage to get the result you wanted. The Penguins came close in Game 1, but clearly you can't rely on that. They certainly can't do that again tonight. They need to win, but do you consider Game 2 a "must" win?   We'll look back and ahead with analysis, and Brian Metzer of the Penguins radio network will join me at 1 pm.

A ray of sunshine in the Arizona desert over the weekend for the Pirates. But it's still mostly cloudy when you talk about their season and the road ahead. Kent Tekulve talks Bucs at 12:30.  

And the Steelers got their first extended look at their rookie class over the weekend. Ray Fittipaldo of the Post-Gazette covered the practices, and will offer his thoughts on the rookie camp at 1:30.


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