5-11-17 Pens beat Caps in another Game 7!!

It may not seem like it (or maybe it does) but we witnessed one of the greatest playoff wins in Penguins history, which followed one of the worst losses. 

There was plenty of skill involved to be sure, but there was an even greater will to win. And perhaps that explains the difference between the two teams. We'll examine all of that, and some of the X's and O's as well with guests Jonathan Bomboulie at 12:30, who was there covering the game for The Trib. Dan Potash of Root Sports at 1:00, and Mark Madden at 1:30.

 I thought there were a couple of key points in the game, and I'm anxious to hear yours. And we'll take a brief look ahead at the Ottawa series. "It's a hockey day/night on Savran on Sports!


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