5-1-17 Penguins go for a 3-0 lead tonight!!!

Even the most partisan Penguins fan couldn't have imagined this. 2-0 on foreign ice! You need 4 wins, but don't you agree that a win by the Pens tonight would pretty much end it? I've got a lot of thoughts about the series, and want to hear yours, too. Plus, we'll get the assessment of NBC's voice of hockey, Doc Emrick, who will join me at noon.

Eager to discuss the Steelers draft with you. I have to say, at least at the outset, I'm not all that thrilled with it. We'll get the opinion of an expert, Matt Williamson, at 1:30.

And all in all, not a bad weekend for the Pirates. Two players who MUST get better show signs of waking up. We'll talk about it with Kent Tekulve at 12:30.


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