4-28-17 Stan and Guy on Pens and the NFL Draft

WOW! If Game 1 was like THAT, what will the rest of the series be like? The Penguins took the lead, had it taken away, and then took the lead AND the game! Some thoughts from me--and you-- on the play and the players, along with the analyses of two gentlemen who were there to witness it: Phil Bourque at 12:30, and Guy Junker #StanandGuy#LovetheShow at 1 pm.

The Steelers appear to have added some WATT-age to their defense. They get an A for drafting a need. But did they FILL that need with T.J. Watt? Your opinions are most welcome, and we'll get the analysis on the #1 pick, as well as what might be out there for the Steelers in Rounds 2 & 3 tonight from our NFL expert, Matt Williamson at 1:30.


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