4.5.17 - Pens beat Jackets and Taillon's big start

It had playoff ramifications, and it was a game played like it was a playoff game. A good, maybe even an important game for the Penguins.  But when you saw how Columbus played last night, hitting everything that moved, does that give you cause for concern when they meet in the playoffs? Or can the Pens just skate away from that stuff, and win on the scoreboard like they did last night, where it counts the most?  We'll talk about that with Rob King of Root Sports at 12:30, and long time Penguins analyst Bob Grove at 1 pm.

There's no such thing as a crucial baseball game the first week of the season.  But tonight is an important start for Jameson Taillon.  He might be the key to a strong top of the Pirates rotation.  And did Gerrit Cole let things get to him on Monday?  At 1:30, we'll talk about all that with Stephen J. Nesbitt, who's in Boston, covering the Pirates for the Post-Gazette.


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