The Penguins got the 2 points, but I'm not sure the best team won last night. But to me, there's no doubt who the best goalie was. I know people are concerned about Fleury and the Pens in the playoffs. But consider this: Of the 3 teams they could play in the 1st round, would you rather have any of THEIR goaltenders or the Flower? No brainer to me. Plus, if need be, would you rather see the Pens lose to the Flyers Saturday to ensure they won't have to face them in the 1st round?

Kris Letang did fine, but I think all judgments on his performance ought to be put on hold after just 1 game. Phil Bourque will join us to discuss.

The injury to Jameson Taillon limits the Pirates options at the trading deadline. I'll explain.

And is it time to change the NCAA/NBA rule of 1 and done?

Anxious to discuss all these issues with you today, plus Masters updates from ESPN SportsCenter.