Kevin Colbert said that the Steelers are never going to say, "we're not contenders, we need to blow it up and start over." Admirable, but realistic? 2 non-playoff seasons in a row, is it time to excavate instead of putting some new topsoil on top? Would you be willing to endure a couple of 6-10 seasons to get back to being a Super Bowl contender? Or because they have Ben, do they haave to remodel instead of rebuild?

Outside of hockey, the USA isn't doing that well in Sochi. A few athletes are, but I think I know the primary reason why. We'll talk some Olympic hockey with Rob Rossi at 1230. And when Tim Benz joins me at 1, we'll discuss the Steelers draft. And thanks for pushing our "Likes" to over 2,000. We're in rarified air, now 

In addition, the Ted Wells report on the Dolphins bullying story has been released. I'll be discussing that today as well as the sad news about the passing of Jim Fregosi