Just as I thought when I talked about it yesterday, SID IS BACK in the lineup! Imagine the energy in the building when he takes the ice tonight! Will he come in with a bang, or will he have to work his way back to top form? Do you expect a more competitive game from the Islanders? And even if they do perform well, will it be enough? I don't think anyone would complain about the Pirates' 16-12 start...much better than last year. But even with the good start, are they headed for the same ending? Today at 12:30, Steve Mears of the NHL Network. At 1, Rob Rossi of the Trib. And at 1:30, Matt Williamson will give his grade on the Steeler draft.

One more note on Sid's return. The mind is a powerful weapon, and I think that might be Crosby's greatest contribution. I'll explain.