Feeling better? No, me either. While it is widely assumed there will be a change behind the Penguin bench, what happens in the general manager's office is unclear. I won't ask for your thoughts on Dan Bylsma (I can anticipate the response) but what about Ray Shero? Should he be removed? But let's not forget about the players part in all this. I read something rather disturbing concerning the players' complicity in all this, which I'll share with you. Phil Bourque will join us in the 1:00 hour.

Glad to see the Bruins on the playoff sidelines. All you need to know about them is what happened in the handshake line with Montreal last night. 

Last question for you. The draft may have changed the NFL/HBO choice on which team to pick for the Hard Knocks series. All teams are eligible, but can refuse. 8 don't have a choice: Buffalo, Chicago, Arizona, the New York Giants, Jacksonville, Oakland, St. Louis, and yes, the Steelers. Outside of the Steelers, which of that group would you like to see on this year's Hard Knocks?