With still 2/3 of the season remaining, it is much too early to write off 2014. But the Pirates are going to have to start thinking long term, as well as the short term. Including trading one of their "building blocks". Considering they will probably have difficulty signing him when the time comes...has the time come to, at some point, trade Pedro Alvarez? Kent Tekulve will talk Pirates at 12:30.

Are the Steelers being hung out to Dri by rookie Archer? And in your mind, what is the Steelers projected win total for 2014? I'll let you know what Vegas thinks.

And what do teams like the Kings, BlackHawks, Rangers and Canadiens have that the Penguins don't? We'll talk Stanley Cup Playoffs with Paul Steigerwald at 1:30. Good to be back....looking forward to talking with you!