Unless it meant actually making the playoffs or being left out, I would never overemphasize the importance of 1 regular season game. But beginning tonight, the Penguins potential successes in the playoffs may hinge on how they play in these last 10 games. And there's a larger issue at stake. If they are unsuccessful in the upcoming playoffs, doesn't that put the entire organization at a crossroads? Players, coaches, management? Your thoughts? Phil Bourque will join me to discuss.

Now that they've extended Starling Marte, I have some thoughts on what should be done with Pedro Alvarez. Not now, but in the not too distant future.

What are your thoughts on the Northwestern football players unionizing. I'm still undecided.

Today I'll be replaying the interview Tim and I did with Pittsburgh's own Archie Miller...head coach at Dayton. And, a special programming announcement today at 12:45!