If you're assuming the Pens can't/won't come back, does it matter if they win tonight and extend the series? Or, is it a loss is a loss is a loss? Again I'll ask, is Dan Bylsma on your hot seat? Today, we'll talk to Bob Grove of the Penguins radio network at 12:30 and Rob Rossi of the Trib at 1. Thoughts on the Pirates top picks last night? I like the fact they are taking high school kids with high upsides. Tim Williams of Pirateprospects.com at 12:45. And Matt Williamson talks about Big Ben and the Steelers at 1:30

Just wanted to clarify my post: What I'm asking today is, if the extend the series to 6 games, let's say, would it lessen your disappointment? And, more importantly, would it change management's mind as to what and how many moves they should make in the off-season?