I sat there watching in disbelief. I STILL can't believe it! WHEN is a Pirate pitcher going to grow a set and retaliate for what the Reds have been doing to them for 2 seasons now? How long are they going to allow Dusty Baker the Beanball Maker and Aroldis Chapstick intimidate them? Tonite's game is too late. I've totally lost respect for the Pirates. Do they even respect themselves?
We'll talk to Kent Tekulve about it at 12:30.
Don Cherry goes off----again. He called Evgenyi Malkin a "talented dog", and a loser. You'll hear it today.
Bruins up 2-1, another Rask shutout. The Penguins couldn't beat Boston, but I wonder how they would have done against Chicago. What do you think?
Set for a good 2 hours of talk while the Pirates cower in their hotel rooms.