DEE-fense DEE-fense! No, we're not talking Steelers here, we're talking Penguins. Did you ever think we would see such a turnaround in defensive presence? It raises hopes when they move onto the NHL's biggest stage. Sid and Vokoun were the 2nd and 1st stars respecitively. OK, but I'll give you my 3 stars for yesterday. And the Voice of the Pens, Mike Lange joins us at 1. I'm surprised at Pitt's seeding, but their biggest enemy may not be Wichita State or Gonzaga, it may be themselves. I'll talk about it at 1:30 with Ray Fitipaldo, who covers the Panthers for the Post-Gazette. And did Emmanuel Sanders get an offer sheet from the Patriots or not? He says no. But if he did, or does, Bill Belichick has beaten the Steelers again. Mike Prisuta discusses the Steelers and the NCAA at 12:30