So it turns out that having the 3 B's healthy and available makes a difference. It was the Steelers most dominating playoff performance since 2008. But it wasn't only the B, it was the D, pounding the Dolphins running game into submission. And it was their eldest member leading the way. And a couple of the youngest in the group are approaching beast mode. Tunch Ilkin will join me at 12:15 to analyze how the Steelers run D was so much better this time.

Guy Junker joins the party from 1-2 #StanandGuy#LovetheShow. And, of course, we ewelcome your thoughts on the game! (And YES, Tomlin should have pulled Ben...or at the very least, not have him throw a pass!)

The Penguins weren't all that rusty, and what little they had, they scraped off with ease. They have SO many weapons. And we'll discuss the Alabama-Clemson title game. Any predictions? Do you care about this game?