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It’s over.

The series is over.

Sure, the Penguins have two of the best offensive players in the entire sport of hockey. Yes, they put up 13 goals in two games against the league’s statistical top goaltender to eliminate the Senators. They are a championship-caliber team that shouldn’t be counted out.

But they don’t have a goalie. And when you don’t have a goalie, you don’t have a shot.

It’s over.

“Well the … we’re gonna … ” dejected Penguins head coach Dan Bylsma stuttered after a long, blank stare when asked after the 6-1 loss in Game 2 how he will evaluate his goaltenders going forward. “Everyone we put on the ice for Game 3 is going to be giving us the best chance to win the hockey game.”

That’s a fine philosophy, but no matter which goaltender Bylsma selects to start Game 3 (and Game 4 and beyond), it’s hard to look at their bodies of work and not expect Bylsma to have to use both of them. Neither netminder looks capable of giving the Penguins any chance to win any hockey game.

To be sure, the Penguins’ team defense has been atrocious, and the blame for all of the Bruins’ nine goals cannot be placed solely on Tomas Vokoun and Marc-Andre Fleury. Whether it was bad turnovers by all-world talents like Sidney Crosby and Kris Letang, over-aggressiveness from Brooks Orpik that left too much open ice available, Douglas Murray being Douglas Murray and thereby standing still like a traffic cone or Evgeni Malkin treating his defensive blue line like an impenetrable electric fence, the Penguins as a team have been horrible at protecting their own end of the ice.

Still, at this stage of the playoffs, your goaltender has to be able to cover up some of your holes. Vokoun and Fleury have closed zero.

“It’s tough to evaluate,” Bylsma said, “given the breakdowns and the type of scoring chances that they scored on for both goalies.”

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