By Bill Williamson |

The Kansas City Chiefs will become a full-time Pistol offense now that the team has hired former Nevada coach and Pistol innovator Chris Ault as a consultant. 

The Chiefs want Ault to help both the offense and the defense prepare. When the Chiefs use it, ESPN’s Matt Williamson thinks the offense will fit new quarterback Alex Smith. He played in a form of it at Utah. The 49ers, however, used Colin Kaepernick (who played for Ault in college) in the system rather than Smith. 

While Smith doesn’t have the blazing speed of Kaepernick, he is a mobile quarterback who can make plays with his feet. That’s why Williamson thinks Smith can have success in the Pistol when the Chiefs use it. 

"Smith has a quick mind and he is a very smart quarterback, which will be very beneficial (in the Pistol), which requires quick, precise decisions,” Williamson said. “Smith isn’t a top arm talent, drawing the linebackers up with play action can lead to easier quick throws over the middle as well.” 

Williamson said the Pistol can also help create more big-play opportunities for explosive running back Jamaal Charles.