The whole Ray Rice domestic violence situation is a terrible a touchy subject. His two game suspension relating to the charges has been a highly debated topic with many differing viewpoints. ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith added his two cents to the debate and incited a hugely negative reaction. When speaking about the incident Smith said: 

"What I’ve tried to employ the female members of my family — some of who you all met and talked to and what have you — is that ... let’s make sure we don’t do anything to provoke wrong actions, because if I come — or somebody else come, whether it’s law enforcement officials, your brother or the fellas that you know — if we come after somebody has put their hands on you, it doesn’t negate the fact that they already put their hands on you."

The backlash came quick not just from outraged viewers but from Smith's own colleagues at ESPN. 

Smith then dug himself deeper by trying to clarify his statement

On Friday, speaking right here on ‘First Take’ on the subject of domestic violence, I made what can only amount to the most egregious error of my career. My words came across that it is somehow a woman’s fault. This was not my intent. It is not what I was trying to say

Smith later issued an apology but it was too little too late and he is now suspended until Aug. 6th. As of now it is not clear if Smith will face further repremand or not.

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