There are two reasons why I hate the Super Bowl when the Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t in it.

First of all, the Steelers aren’t in it. Secondly, I hate the fact that whoever wins, they suddenly become the ‘model’ on how to win a Super Bowl.

I can’t tell you how many Steelers’ fans are looking for the next Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor or Richard Sherman.

If I’ve heard that comment once I’ve heard it a hundred times. What we need to understand is that those three guys are not in this draft.

We also must recognize that anyone in this draft that is built like them or plays like them will be without something that those three men have and that would be a consistent pass rush.

In terms of finding the right cornerback whether it be Darqueze Dennard or Justin Gilbert or someone else, we cannot expect them to be saviors at the cornerback position.

There is no question that Ike Taylor had a poor season in 2013. Some of the numbers he allowed were off the charts bad, but was that all on him?

The Steelers have lacked the consistent pass rush that has been a staple of Dick LeBeau’s defense and it doesn’t appear that it will be much better in 2014.

In other words, while Kevin Colbert, Mike Tomlin and company are watching secondary players today, we can’t expect them to land a miracle worker at corner. Until the pass rush becomes more consistent Steelers defensive backs will be forced to cover longer and that’s never good whether you’re Richard Sherman or not.

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