Marc Uhlmann

After it was announced the perennial All-Pro tackle Jake Long had signed a lucrative deal with the St. Louis Rams, ESPN reporter Adam Schefter reported that the Pittsburgh Steelers inquired briefly about his services before he ultimately took the deal in St. Louis. The deal could be worth up to $36 million dollars.

This opens up a litany of questions in my mind as it should yours as well.

1. Did the Steelers suddenly come into some money we are not aware of?

2. Who is it they are most concerned about? Marcus Gilbert or Mike Adams?

3. Do you move Gilbert inside to a guard position?

4. Which current player(s) gets re-structured? Is there anyone left to re-structure besides Troy?

5. Who gets cut? Someone would have to get cut to create cap space wouldn’t they?

6. Does this mean the draft suddenly took a different path than many of us thought?

This inquiry is quite intriguing and should hopefully create some talking points from Kevin Colbert and/or Mike Tomlin.

Stay tuned Steeler Nation.

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